Wednesday, October 31, 2012


My most intricate look yet!
I was so excited to make this dead look come to life, especially since "Dia de los Muertos" has been a part of my culture for so many years. When I used to live in Mexico, I remember that every year my mom would buy my sister and I a sugar or chocolate skull. Of course I liked the chocolate skull better because I could actually devour it while the sugar one was for decorative purposes only.

Anyways, about the look...the makeup was definitely the hardest part especially the teeth but I thought it turned out well. My flower crown (which I wish I could wear every day) took about an hour to make but was very simple to do. I just got a decorative crown, a bunch of flowers and cut roughly 3/4 of their stems, then placed each flower individually into the crown. Like I said before, very easy.
Even though this costume took more time than my usual procrastinated Halloween costumes, it was well worth it and I hope you guys like it too.

My amazing partner in crime.

Friday, October 12, 2012


If you’re looking for a feminine flair, look no further! MISSBEHAVE boutique will indulge you with just that. In this small boutique located on 2nd street you will find simple yet flirty dresses from favorite brands like BCBG, Michael Kors, Rebecca Taylor, Trina Turk and Island Company, just to name a few. Expect the unexpected while shopping here. Detail flourishes within each garment whether it’s a studded shirt, a beaded blazer or a dangerously cut skirt. MISSBEHAVE will no doubt keep you well prepared this fall with their bohemian dresses, soft detailed sweaters and of course party dresses!

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P.S. hope you liked my GIF animation! :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Feels like Fall

I don't know about you guys but I'm ready for fall to get here already. I do hate the cold weather but love the clothes that come with it: leggings, coats, blazers, leather jackets, boots, scarves!
Texas weather is unpredictable and most of the time it's hot, so take advantage of the few 70 ° "cold fronts" that come along (like this weekend!) and take your boots and leggings out and pair it with a cute flirty top.

 Shop for:
White Blouse
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gallery D

I decided to do my next blog post on one of my favorite stores in Austin, Gallery D. It’s a combination of Austin’s relaxed attitude, New York’s edginess, and Paris’ effortless chic look that draws me into the store every time. The name Gallery D originated back when Emily lived in New York’s SOHO district in which each floor in her apartment was called a “Gallery.”
It’s been three years since Gallery D opened and owners Emily and Beth have not looked back since. Their dream store has flourished into a 2nd Street must shopping destination and there is no doubt these lovely ladies will continue to grow their business.

Hope you guys enjoy the clothes I picked out from their new and vintage collection along with some inspirational color palettes from nature :)

Starting off with this Barbie bubble gum Pink dress

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