Wednesday, October 31, 2012


My most intricate look yet!
I was so excited to make this dead look come to life, especially since "Dia de los Muertos" has been a part of my culture for so many years. When I used to live in Mexico, I remember that every year my mom would buy my sister and I a sugar or chocolate skull. Of course I liked the chocolate skull better because I could actually devour it while the sugar one was for decorative purposes only.

Anyways, about the look...the makeup was definitely the hardest part especially the teeth but I thought it turned out well. My flower crown (which I wish I could wear every day) took about an hour to make but was very simple to do. I just got a decorative crown, a bunch of flowers and cut roughly 3/4 of their stems, then placed each flower individually into the crown. Like I said before, very easy.
Even though this costume took more time than my usual procrastinated Halloween costumes, it was well worth it and I hope you guys like it too.

My amazing partner in crime.